Wednesday 21 August 2013

Pictutorial - Reverse French Manicure

I came across this image on Pinterest a few days ago and I was dying to try it! It actually ended up being pretty simple even for someone with a shaky hand like me! I'm sure a bit of practice would improve the end results a lot so I'll definitely try again in a few weeks but personally I liked it! My nails aren't just long enough at the moment to achieve the exact look so bear with me!

How To:

  • Start with clean, dry nails that have been filed to your preferred shape. Add a clear base coat if desired.

  • Apply two layers of your chosen base coat - make sure to wait for each coat to dry completely before moving on to the next! The colour I used ended up being a bit too pink and shimmery for this look so I would advise a matt beige colour if you're trying to copy the picture exactly.
  • When both coats are completed dry, apply a french manicure guide to the nail at a diagonal angle. Apply a layer of black nail polish over the tip of the nail. Allow it to completely dry before removing the guide, and then repeat this process with the tip guide facing the opposite diagonal angle. This is really time consuming and I soon realised that you could just as easily freehand the diagonal lines, and then remove any messiness with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover!

  • When you are happy with the lines you've created, wait for all the polish to completely dry before you clean up around the edges, a Q-tip is definitely the best way to do this, or for real precision wrap some cotton wool around a cuticle stick and dip it in nail polish remover.
  • Be sure to apply a top coat so prevent all your hard work from chipping, and maybe carry a bottle of black polish with you to top up those tips!

So there you have it, hope you guys like it! If there's any other looks you would enjoy a pictutorial on just let me know by leaving a comment on the blog or tell me via Facebook! :)


Saturday 17 August 2013

Trend Alert: Top Finger & Midi Rings

So first it was "midi" skirts and dresses taking the fashion world by storm, and now there's a new player in the "midi" market.. The Midi Ring!

I first came across these on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I've been obsessed since! I love simple jewelry, so I just adore the idea of one or two of these little beauties! Of course, if you're more into heavy statement jewelry, or simply want to go that step further for a special occasion, you can stack these for more impact.

I've had a look around and it seems most highstreet stores have already bought into this trend! Prices range from 3 or 4 euros to a slightly steeper 7 or 8 euros for Midi Ring packs with 3 or 4 seperate rings you can wear stacked or individually! 

For all the internet shopping addicts like myself, I've compiled some of my favourite picks of this trend available online. Of course I'm sure all of these stores will also have the products available in-store if you get a chance to do a bit of old fashioned window shopping! - 

Price: £5.50

Price: £5.50

Price: £4.50

Price: £10.00

Price: £4.50
Price: £4.50

My favourite out of these is definitely the last one. It's so small and elegant and personal. It would be a lovely gift for a friend or sister, or maybe even to yourself! - 

Price: €2 ... you really can't go wrong at only €2!

Price: €6 - 

Available in Silver or Gold, these are perfect for stacking or wearing individually :)

Price: €3.90

Price: €3.90

Everyone can do with a little horseshoe luck at their fingertips...
Available in Gold or Silver this is priced at €2.90.

So there you have my top picks available online, I'm going to pop into some local stores this weekend and see what I can find so I'll be sure to post what I pick up! 

Happy Saturday Everyone 


Friday 9 August 2013

REVIEW - Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Hi again ladies,

Nowadays, it seems there is more hype about makeup brushes than actual makeup! I've always been the kind of girl to believe that if I have a really good quality makeup, a lower quality brush isn't going to ruin that, and vice versa - if I have really cheap make up, an expensive makeup brush isn't going to make up for that!

However, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I started researching different tools. If I'm honest I really don't have the money to buy whichever tools are apparently "in", at the moment, so it took me a long time to find a product that was affordable, effective, and basically, worth it. 

I've picked up so many little eyeshadow brushes over the years I knew that if I were going to buy any brush it should be some sort of foundation brush. After a LOT of researching, I kept coming back to the Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

On the Real Techniques website, the Stippling Brush is quoted to:
  • "be a dual-fiber brush that is the trade secret for creating airbrushed, high-definition results with all types of makeup"
  • "look pixel perfect in even harsh light"
  • "ultra plush, with synthetic bristles that are hand-cut and 100% cruelty free"
  • "be self standing for easy storage"
  •  "have extended aluminium handle that is light and easy to use"

It's also worth noting that on the website, this brush has over 122 customer review votes giving it an overall rating of 5/5 stars.

What really intrigued me about this brand and product was the fact that the creator, Sam Champan, is the amazing beauty vlogger and makeup artist behind the YouTube channel Pixiwoo. I felt that there was no personal or monetary agenda behind Real Techniques, aside from providing like minded customers with good quality, affordable tools to follow their makeup dreams. Plain and simple. And I'm so happy to say I'm right.

I purchased my stippling brush from and it cost €13.65 at the time with free standard shipping. I'm also aware that larger Boots stores stock the Real Techniques brushes and often have 3 for 2 deals on them!
I can safely say that I would never be able to go back to a simple foundation brush again. This brush is an amazing all rounder that really can be used for almost anything! I tend to use it mainly for liquid foundation however if you have a peak at this video here, you will see Sam herself explaining all it's many uses!
This brush allows you to really "buff" the product into your skin, getting rid of any tell-tale signs of makeup. It's perfect for those who might have combination or dry skin, where foundation tends to stick to certain areas unless properly applied. 
Aside from how natural my foundation looks, the one thing I've really noticed is that I don't use half as much product when I use my stippling brush to apply it. If you really take the time to buff it into your skin you'll be surprised how far a small drop will last you and it will also allow you to build coverage depending on what you like! This is great if you decide to invest in an expensive foundation like MAC or Chanel.
In regards to cleaning and maintenance, I've had my Stippling Brush over 5 months, and I've washed it 2/3 times simply in a sink of lukewarm water and baby shampoo. It's still as perfect as the day I received it.
I was on holidays recently so my skin tone is slightly darker than it would be usually. Since I know this probably won't last long. (Boo! :( ) I decided to purchase a cheap foundation in a darker colour that will get me by until my tan starts to fade, without splurging on a good foundation that will eventually be too dark for me! I bought the Catrice Cosmestic's Photo Finish 18hr Liquid Foundation in Penneys recently for about €4 and I've been pleasantly surprised! I really do feel that my Real Techniques brush has made the product which is extremely affordable, sit better on my face than any other brush would! Spending €13 on a brush which by the looks of it makes any foundation look good on me is definitely something I can get on board with!
So basically, I've been totally converted! From someone who never believed in the importance of makeup brushes, I'm officially swallowing my words. If you have considered investing in some professional tools and you don't know where to begin I can't recommended Real Techniques Stippling Brush enough! You won't look back, I promise ;)